Advocacy can be easily defined as an action that produces change. We provide advocacy at both the individual and systems level. We can offer information on how to investigate concerns/claims when civil rights have been violated; make sure accessible parking laws are enforced, advocate for more affordable and accessible housing, help individuals appeal a SSI/SSDI claim and advocate for inclusion in society.

Individual Advocacy

dRC is ready to provide assistance and education to nearly any organization, school, business or ministry. We can provide programs on a variety of topics ranging from disability history, laws that protect the rights of individuals with disabilities (Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA), Fair Housing, and providing accessibility surveys.

Systems Advocacy

Disability Rights Presentations
There are many laws affecting people with disabilities that staff can provide technical consultation and explanation including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). We will work with your organization or group to tailor a training to meet your needs.

Accessibility Surveys
dRC provides accessibility surveys to both businesses, schools, apartment complexes, faith-based organizations and local gov’t entities. Our focus is on both the physical site and the use of effective communication tools to allow equal access for everyone. Our accessibility specialist will provide suggestions on how to prevent or remove any barriers you might have. Please call us to learn more about our accessibility surveys.


Consumer choice, autonomy and control define the Independent Living

The independent living philosophy holds that individuals with disabilities have the right to live with dignity and with appropriate support in their own homes, fully participate in their communities, and to control and make decisions about their lives.”

-The National Council on Independent Living