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Transition Services for Youth and for moving back into the Community   

 Youth Transition: We assist youth with disabilities in the transition from high school to adulthood and empower them to live more independently through advocacy, information/referral, peer support and independent living skills training.

We specialize in providing youth transition and empowerment services for youth ages 14 – 28 to include:
One-to-One Goal Setting for Living Independently 
Information on Resources to help you live Independently

(Housing, Working, Transportation) 
Career Exploration Activities and Software to help you determine the right career for you
Self-Advocacy and Empowerment Classes
Peer Support

Call Stevie Toole at 910.815.6618 if you have any questions or to make your personal appointment.

Community Based Living Transition: dRC believes everyone has the right to choose where they want to live, including, people with disabilities. If you are at risk of becoming institutionalized or are already living in an institution, call dRC for more information about various resources and programs that may be able to assist you