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Individualized Housing Advocacy

Home is where we hang our hats and make our lives. Home is a place to make fond memories and surround ourselves with the things and people who bring us joy. We may live there alone or with others. Home takes many forms. It can be in a house, an apartment, an assisted 
living center or other supervised settings. Whatever your vision of home is we are here to help you understand your affordable housing options. We can also provide information on your Fair Housing Rights and how to mediate problems with your landlord or where to go to find help modifying your home to meet your needs.

Disability Awareness Trainings:
Some of 
our most popular trainings
requested include:

Disability History

My Disability Rights

Disability Etiquette and Person First Language

How to conduct accessible meetings

Financial Fitness When You Are Fiscally Starving

Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and how it can help me