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Thank you

for your support

Your contribution will:

  • Help individuals with disabilities that are homeless or living in institutions move into independent housing.
  • Help dRC advocate with local, county and state government officials to address the barriers preventing people with disabilities to live independently.
  • Will help create new programs and services to empower people with disabilities to live independently and inclusively in our community. Demonstrate my commitment to creating a more inclusive community!!
  • Be tax–deductible

Please consider the following donation options:

  • Unrestricted Donation
  • Planned Gifts
  • In-Kind Gifts (durable medical equipment, gently used technology equipment etc…)
  • Corporate Sponsorships

Join us as we enhance our services and advocacy efforts on behalf of people with disabilities. You can send your financial contribution by mail to:

disAbility Resource Center

5041 New Centre Dr. Suite 210
Wilmington, NC 28403
Phone: (910) 815-6618
Fax: (910) 815-6658

You can also donate online through PayPal.  

If you’d like to discuss your contribution with us or discuss specifics on how we use donations,  please contact Gloria Garton at gloria.garton@drc-cil.org.


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